Monday, April 27, 2009

Trust is key

Often times its our world that looses trust not with one another but with themselves. A task that is not hard nor easy we give up on as the lies of the enemy began to sneek in and attack our goals. we listen to them instead of the trust God has in us. Follow your dreams Sisters and brothers. Live not for the age of the flesh but the age of truth. Be women and men of God who stand for the right. When your Trust is tested, hold steady and be ready to build it up again, dont fight it or even worry, trust in the Lord you God, see it to competion that God will restore the trust you have in yourself, and the trust others ahve in you. Our God is a God of Restoration.

This week my trust in God was tested. I left me bike at my Church last wednesday to help a friend, i was confident my bike would be stolen. I also knew beyond a doubt i needed it. So 5 days later i went to pick it up and it was there, i had asked God to watch out for it, and he did. When you ask God to watch out for things he does so, not half heartedly but fully watches out, because he wants to bless your life.

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