Saturday, April 18, 2009

To follow a Dream

I chatted with a friend thee other day about acheving ones dreams. she said in honest haste that to achieve the things we dream after we must first persue those things that we no we can have. persuing what we cant have takes us astray. Off the path of our dream. So focus is big. pinpointing our true goal. For instance if your goal is to be a missionar; and you sit doing nothing but chasing the wants, your life will not fully achieve your Dream.

So if you want to be a missionary start building your life around it. Learn to live on less. for example dont buy a car, a house, or things like a boat. otherwise when you reach the field you leave behind monthly bills you have to worry about 10,000+ miles from home. Also pick up a foregien Language go back to school, so you can learn the culture of the places you desire to work in. Build your life on the things you desire.

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