Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunny Weather Makes the Mood

On days where the sun shines i live according to a great joy that seems to warm up inside me. Seeing trees cast in UV rays seems to iginte my spirit. Imgine if people looked at Rain as simply snow just in a liqued form. life would be so much less depressing. there wood be little to know gloom or depressive looks of nature. God is good in everyway, look at how up in the great state of washington, bad weather is Complimented but great rivers cascading down the mountains, fresh views of Hilltops carpeted with Trees, snow an cliffs. In the Rainy season (Mid October- December) the mountains hide, then emerge in white that is more beauteful than hawaii. To ski and snowboard is a pleasure up here, no need to travel to far out of town. Spring brings great flower views from the valley near the sound to the meadows deep in the heart of the mountains. Summer brings outdoor adventures such as great camping hiking, swimming, and backyard parties esspecially last week of july through August when the clouds seem to run far away from washington, the beaches of our coast glisten with cliffs that break off into cliffs that rise out of the ocean. Oh the beauty to be hold when the sun shines and the mood on beauty if set.

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