Saturday, May 9, 2009

Your the light of the City

How many people die everyday, how many people do you pass, that do not know Christ, But yet you have the gift inside of you, the gift that is life to the kingdom of God love and joy that only Jesus Christ can bring, yet our voices stay silent, our actions show nothing, who are we? we say that we are Christians, But yet we hold back the word of Truth, we shoot down the enemy, but we hold back when a child is dying before us. We are all adopted children of God, made whole in his sight, yet we don't seem to see that we have a n answer to the dying on the streets to the dying in the city, to the dying in a nation, we hold back, Arise up declare that Jesus is our loving lord, and he is the answer look what he done for us. So how many people do you pass, that do not know Christ, they are dying everyday, without truth inside them What can we do? We can do anything were called to do, were soldiers of the Cross, Children of the Light. God is working within our life, But to say that we are holding back, Stop right, tell the world that Jesus is THE Christ. He loves there very life, and cares not where they've been? only who they are just as they are! all the baggage all the pain COME JUST AS YOU ARE!
JESUS LOVES!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm curious to know why the city you chose for this particular blog entry was Tokyo, Japan, and why it was titled "Dying City".